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Rodden’s Christmas Window

I was asked to do a window up for christmas in my local- Rodden's Bar, Buncrana. In my usual not liking christmas or religious stuff in general I took a different slant. Happy Winter Solstice one and all!

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Inktober: The first half is done….

So I'm doing inktober this year again. I decided to do animation each day for it but as you can see from the video below I kind of gave up on around the 5th day and went back to static image mostly. I just couldn't find the time. I've been scraping time where i can to...

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Don’t Fear the Natives -project overview

So myself and a friend of mine, we will call him Emmet, were approached by a local band, Don't Fear the Natives and asked to create a music video for them recently. (ish) We had a think about it, looked at the old google calendar and said "sure why not?". In fairness...

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Happy Patrick’s Day- COYBIG

Looking forward to a good drinking and a good roar at the telly. England play Ireland at Twikenham on Saturday the 17th of March- St. Patrick's day! This is going to be freakin' Epic! COYBIG!    

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Happy Mother’s Day

Did a wee picture for Rebecca for Mother's day from em and Lemmy to put on a T-Shirt as a surprise. It ended up being used as the card as well. cause I'm cheap.  

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Alien Head update

It's not often i get the chance to go through the whole process of designing and creating an entire bust just for the craic. The students on the BA Animation course were asked to design and create an Alien Head. From concept sketching and painting to sculpting and on...

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A week off the faegs!

SO I was reading alot of Robert Crumb in the last while and he has a tendency toward reflective comics. So I decided to do a few doodles to coincide with my giving up the cigarettes... here they are....

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Northern Xposure Conference

So had a good weekend at the Northern Xposure conference. A lot of good talks going on throughout but Strength NIA, Great White Lies and Hannah Peel on the Friday night followed by booze and more booze stole the weekend.  As promised here is the decks of my...

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Found these after quite a while

I came across a few videos of game developments I worked on in the past when I was a founding member and director at Instinct Technologies Ltd. The first showing in this series is 2001- 16 years ago!!! Holy shit! Time is a bitch! The discovery years- 2001-2003...

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Inkrober Video

So as a way of showing all of inktober in as simple a way as possible I've compiled the outcomes into one video with all animations and still images included. Thanks to the power of the trusty Bic Biro! https://vimeo.com/241109690      ...

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So I’m Doing Inktober 2017

So I've started doing Inktober 2017 and am taking the themes as written by Jake Parker on his Inktober page. You can get filled in with the details here: http://mrjakeparker.com/inktober So you can see the whole updates as they happen on the linked page here. I'll...

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Up the whinney Mountain

We took a long walk through the Mamore Mountains up the top of Ireland. Legs are sore today (two days later) but a great day had by all and a few snifters along the way. Here's am album of photos of the epic quest across 10km of mountain for a bus to the pub. Most are...

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Semester1 Showreel

This is  the first  draft of a showreel showing a collection of some of the work done by the students at LYIT HDip 3d Modelling and Animation. This is 3 months in and already they are producing some pretty impressive work. Be interesting to see what they come up with...

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Sculpting Workshop LYIT

SOOoo the students of the "3d Modelling and Animation" course at LYIT took part in a clay modelling workshop for the day today. The characters were designed by the students as part of their "Concept art for 3d" Module and created over the course of around 5 hours...

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LYIT Open Day

This project was created as a showpiece for the LYIT open day 2016. It is a VR video of the guys below in the main animation room 3336 at the LYIT campus. It took around 6 days from initial modelling to completion. As you can see there are glitches and hacks here and...

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Working with Johnny Ball

SO I was doing some work with Johnny Ball of Think of a Number Fame from the 80s. I just directed a few pieces of interaction between the IZak9 Characters and the man himself. 1fuklll day of filming followed by a week or so of edits, animation and compositing. Here's...

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Concept to Print

I don't know much about pokémon to be honest. I can understand the genius of the design etc and how amazingly popular they are sure but they just...well.... I just don't get it to gbe honest. Anyway I'm part of a group of people that meet up in google hangouts and do...

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Filliocht Anois

In 2014 Lagan Media Productions, a Belfast based production house, approached Design at Magee Lecturer Mark Cullen and past student Christian McGilloway with a project involving the animation of Irish poetry. There were 12 poems in all and Christian and Mark were...

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New website…

After years of working between manifestcg,com and designatmagee.com I've decided to make a new site under a more recognizable name, markycullen.com. markcullen.com is some gardener bloke from the US apparently. www.manifestcg.com will remain up for the time being...

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