Drawing and Design 1


Inktober brief is available here:



Time until Hand-In








Introduction and Brief1

Inktober overview:

Here’s a quick example of Inktober challenge from last year made into a film.


Equipment Needed:

Pens (your choice) and Pencils.
Black Sharpie Markers
A Decent Eraser
A Decent Sharpener
An A3 Pad!

Desirable Equipment:

Computer to work on
Decent Internet
Graphics Tablet
Adobe Subscription
Blue/Red lead pencils (col-erase)

PhotoShop Shortcuts to remember:

[ and ] = scale the pintbrush size (or any tool you’re using erazer, clone tool etc.)
Alt = While in painting more switches to dropper tool and off again when released
E = While in painting mode switches to erazer and back again when released
1 through 0 = changes opacity of brushes in 10% increments from 10 to 100
E= change to erazer
B= Back to brush
(On mac ctrl = apple key)
CTRL+C= copy
CTRL+V= Paste
CTRL+A= Select All
CTRL+SHIFT+V=Paste in place.
CTRL+N=New File


Drawing demo Outcomes etc.

Final Sketch- FISH- Inktober Day1


Shading Inked drawing outcome

Tutorial of getting inked drawing ready for a quick shading is available on Blackboard Collborate section. Just look at top left when you enter collaborate.

LYIT Blackboard

PSD file for tutorial: