HDip 3d Modelling and Animation

Unleash your creativity!

Find out more about the HDip in 3d modelling and Animation at LYIT.

Traditional Conceptualisation!

Learn traditional drawing and sculpting skills.

Texturing and Rendering

Learn how to texture and render for games, AR, VR and offline platforms.

Industry Platform Based Learning

Learn how to develop for 3d animation, games, special effects and other platforms.

Work Experience

Work in studios or on industry projects while studying.

Rigging and Animation

Learn how entire industry pipelines work from concept to animated asset!


End of Year Show Blogs

This a gallery that will take you through all the student’s work throughout the year. You can see sample briefs and the processes involved in completing them.

Press Releases

18th June 2017: Donegal Democrat: 

8th August 2017: Donegal Now:

8th August 2017: Donegal Daily:

Course Information

This is the official LYIT website for the course. Here you can see information on how to apply and pre-requisites you need to consider.
This is a post graduate course
Study 3 days a week.

Download Course Information

Download the course information leaflet here. This contains information on the modules and some of the reasons you should think of applying!

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