Brief 1

Brief 1- Alien Head is available here:

Alien Head and Thumbnails etc.

Tutorial: Thumbnailing Techniques:

Orthographic Views:

 Original showing reference lines and Line of Symmetry on Head.

These next two are the ones to be used in Maya.

They have a darker background and are the exact same size. This makes it an easier reference and the darker background allows you to see white modelling wireframe easier. Note that the reference linbes in both are at the same height as each other two. You don’t want the front view to be lower or higher than the side.


What's in the hand in...

Hand In the following:


Front and Side View line Ups:

You physical sculpt (A few photos of it painted unpainted etc…)


Digital Paint (You may decide to do front and side view of you prefer or 3/4:






Sculpey Modelling

Tutorial: Really Nice Intro to Digital Sculpting:


As you can see the model slightly deviated from the concept art above…. the “snout” is stumpier here. I prefer the concept art so I’ll stick closer to that but i have resolved some of the anatomy at the back of the neck and going into the eary things. I’ve added some colour to this as reference but Im not sure if it works. I’ll probably do a few paints of it and choose one of those instead.¬† Bit rushed really but it’ll be handy reference for modelling and digital sculpting nonetheless.


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