Pitching etc.

Your 10 Minute Pitch (10 Slides tops!):

  • Printed (nd in PDF format) handout in colour for Cormac and Mark.
  • Logo should be evident throughout. Stamp on each page for example.
  • Colour palette should be chosen for the animation and matched on the presentation and handout for commonality.
  • Name and Logo
  • Introduction to Project, Background story elevator pitch- one page summary.
  • Target Audience andĀ USP (What makes it original or what makes it a money machine?)
    • Who is the target of the pitch?
  • Character pages- Main characters both Protagonists and Antagonists.
    • Include character traits, why are they in the animation? abilities etc.
  • The Story- Short description of an episode or the animation.
  • Style guide- Include Similar sample animations, links to videos or stills.
  • Storyboards- If you have storyboards add them- if they are very rough do not.
    • Do not add anything which takes away from the presentation.
  • Use templates for your pages- It looks professional and keeps the presentation on point.
  • Marketing- Where will it go next? Will there be more episodes etc..
  • Possible technology, equipment needed or a very rough production plan.
  • Past Experiences
  • Crew needed and suggestions
  • Budgeting
  • Surprises are USPs… add them…. maybe not all.
  • Your powerpoint should have very little text. Your text that you need to disseminate should be on the hand out. Powerpoint is just hints and visuals.
  • Try and keep the pitch concise and short. This will be developed as the project grows. Pitch book sub 10 pages, Pitch presentation sub 10 slides.
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