Iterations- AR, VR, 3d Printed Sculpture, concept, animation and paint!

Video, Sculptural and video installation were part of an exhibition I took part in recently. It also consisted of an augmented reality sculpture triggered by the marker image below. You can see Lemmy here looking puzzled at the whole affair but I assure you he was very impressed! The interactions video can also be seen here. It shows the various stages in the creation of the model from concept right through to it’s implementation in VR, AR and 3d print.

Google Play Vs IOS

An Article outlining choice options between development on iOS vs Android.,on%20the%20Android%20app%20platform.&text=The%20Google%20Play%20Store%20generates,as%20the%20Google%20Play%20Store.


Unity for virtual Environments

Here’s a link to the engine used for the virtual exhibition last year that you can view below. There is a small snippets of code added to it to allow video playback and for slight changes to the opening page which can be discussed if neccessary.

The envirnment was created suing Autodesk Maya but 3ds max, blender or any 3d programme will work. All autodesk software is available for students to download from: 

Just look for the student software section and follow the instructions.

2019- Visual Effects Animation

Creating a Blog on Blackboard

I’ll put up a tutorial on this ASAP.

Tutorial: Creating a Gif using Photoshop

This is a quick overview of the stuff we covered in class. Photoshop animation layers, roto setups etc…

Brief 1: Create a Rotoscoped animation 3-5 seconds long. Make it loop or as close as possible. Dimensions should 400px X 400px and 10 frames per second (FPS). Use Photoshop for your animation. Save as a GIF. Post Result to Blackboard Deadline: Monday 25th September

Example Gif Images:

Setting up a Blog on Blackboard: