2019- Visual Effects Animation

Creating a Blog on Blackboard

I’ll put up a tutorial on this ASAP.

Tutorial: Creating a Gif using Photoshop

This is a quick overview of the stuff we covered in class. Photoshop animation layers, roto setups etc…

Brief 1: Create a Rotoscoped animation 3-5 seconds long. Make it loop or as close as possible. Dimensions should 400px X 400px and 10 frames per second (FPS). Use Photoshop for your animation. Save as a GIF. Post Result to Blackboard Deadline: Monday 25th September

Example Gif Images:

Setting up a Blog on Blackboard:


Inktober: The first half is done….

So I’m doing inktober this year again. I decided to do animation each day for it but as you can see from the video below I kind of gave up on around the 5th day and went back to static image mostly. I just couldn’t find the time. I’ve been scraping time where i can to get something done each day…. lunch breaks, during class… watching telly…. in the pub even. Anyway managed to stay up to date so far despite of mad workloads.