Visual Effects Animation 2019

Brief1- VFX Showreel

Brief 1 is available here. Please read carefully before submission:









Week 1- Animated gif in Photoshop

Tutorial: Creating a Gif using Photoshop

This is a quick overview of the stuff we covered in class. Photoshop animation layers, roto setups etc…

Brief 1: Create a looped animation 3-5 seconds long. Make it loop or as close as possible. Dimensions should 400px X 400px and 10 frames per second (FPS). Use Photoshop for your animation. Save as a GIF. Post Result to Blackboard Deadline: Friday 20th September

Example Gif Images:

Setting up a Blog on Blackboard:


Week 2 - After Effects Compositing and Green Screen Basics

Files for tutorial Available here:


Images: Images of note:

Tutorial: Matte Painting Example:

Links of Note:

Composition: This is a link to some composition theory. It is a comprehensive enough breakdown of techniques. You should consider these when creating shots for film at all times.

Depth Cues:

Inspiration and Advice:

Exercise Week 2 (Preparation for Planes Example):

  • Create thumbnails of various ideas for a Matte painting. You should base the outcome on either of the two themes provided.
  • Produce a larger more in depth version of one or two of these Matte ideas.
  • Breakdown of the elements needed to produce the matte painting.
  • Plan on how each of these elements will be created or sourced.
  • Plan for the camera movement in the scene.
  • Gather as many of these resources as possible.
  • This is essentially a 1 panel storyboard for a shot.

Deadline for this Final Mini Project is Friday 4th Ocotober

Continuing the 3d Planes exercise in After Effects

Tutorial- Recap on what was demonstrated in class last week:


Link to 3d Planes Archive:

Hand in for this week:

The hand in for this mini project is Frdiay of this week. The following will need to be complete by then:

  • 3d Planes in After Effects
    Set up an image using layered matte painting techniques either hand drawn or photomontage in Photoshop. Add some secondary animation to your scene either green screened or hand drawn anaimation. Follow the set of rules below. 

    • Final production should be full HD (1920×1080|
    • Thumbnails and images showing planning and asset list should also be submitted
    • Start with 2 seconds of still camera followed by 4-8 seconds of camera movement (keep it simple) followed by 2 seconds at the end of the final camera position.
    • Consider a title screen before the video.
    • Upload video to Vimeo and add link Upload final gif to your Blackboard Blog
    • Back Up work should be submitted to blog also.
Projection Mapping in After Effects
Projection Mapping in After Effect


Projection Mapping and Texture Baking Maya

Tutorial: Projection Mapping in Maya:


Tutorial: Texture Baking in Maya:



Rotoscoping in PS and AE
Tutorial: Photoshop and After Effects Rotoscoping.

(This is rather rambling but skip your way through)

Green Screening... Beyond keying.

4th Year Green Screen

HeadShot-Green Screen

Running Green Screen 

Tutorial: Setting up a green screen



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