Animation Production Skills 1

Brief 1

Crate Brief Available here:



Time until Hand In








Time Until Hand In








Brief 3- Character Modelling

Brief 3 is available here:



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Making a crate in Maya.

Sign up to Autodesk Student Software Centre:



The Three Textures: (Diffuse, Bump and Specular):

The New Tutorial:

Resource: Concept Template:

Concept Template

Example Gallery:

Crate Template for Tutorial:


Introduction to Poly modelling and Reference

Research: Concept Art Car

Research: Cartoon Houses

Research: Cartoon Robots

Research: 3d Model Sheets:

Tip: Golden Rules of Polygonal Modelling:

poly-modelling – PDF

Tutorial: An Introduction to the core concepts of polygonal modelling.

  • Try to model a simple object starting with a box.
  • Test crease and smooth edges.
  • Use an existing object or a drawn shape for reference.
Starting modelling the Robot.

Resource: Reference Image:


Continuing Modeling the Robot

Resource: Reference Image:

Tutorial- Part 1- Robot Head:

Tutorial Part 2:

Tutorial Part 3:



Class Robot Head Download

Robot Head as left from Class Available here:

Robot Head Download

Robot Head for Texturing

Complete Robot Tutorials

Tutorial1: Modelling the head and Body (Sorry- Sound off)

Tutorial: M0odelling the Robot Legs (We have sound again! Sorry!)

Tutorial: Modelling the Robot Arms and Posing.

Don’t pose until you’ve textured everything. Come back to tothis when You’re finished texturing if you feel like posing etc.

Tutorial: Unwrapping the Robot Bit by bit. Head, Body, Legs and main body parts.

Tutorial: Unwrapping the rest…


Tutorial: Simplifying the unwrap:

When texturing it’s a good idea to use less textures as it saves memory but also makes it easier to change chunks of a model. The separates the robot into head, body and legs on separate textures.

Tutorial: Applying a Diffuse texture to the parts.

We’re going to use PSDs here instead of the usual pngs for ease of update as you work on them.



Lighting and Object and Rendering a Rotation

Tutorial: Lighting and Object and Rendering a Rotation


Chibi Guy Modelling

This is the Chibi Guy finished:


Tutorial: Chibi Head

Tutorial: T-Shirt

Tutorial: Pants

Tutorial: Arm/Hands

Tutorial: Shoes


Modeling the Eye

Tutorial: Modeling and Texturing an Eye!

Chibi Head Messing About

Download Chibi Head for class Tutorial: