Visual Effects Animation 2020

VFX Showreel

Brief 1 is available here. Please read carefully before submission:









Week 1- Animated gif in Photoshop

Tutorial: Creating a Gif using Photoshop

This is a quick overview of the stuff we covered in class. Photoshop animation layers, roto setups etc…

Brief 1: Create a looped animation 3-5 seconds long. Make it loop or as close as possible. Dimensions should 400px X 400px and 10 frames per second (FPS). Use Photoshop for your animation. Save as a GIF. Post Result to Blackboard Deadline: Friday 20th September

Example Gif Images:



Tutorial: Very quick overview examples of rotoscoping.

The Dance:


The Pub:


Waking Life:

Scanner Darkly:



3d Plane compositing

Images: Images of note:

Tutorial: Matte Painting Example:


Links of Note:



Composition: This is a link to some composition theory. It is a comprehensive enough breakdown of techniques. You should consider these when creating shots for film at all times.

Depth Cues:

Inspiration and Advice:

(Preparation for Planes Example):

  • Create thumbnails of various ideas for a Matte painting. You should base the outcome on either of the two themes provided.
  • Produce a larger more in depth version of one or two of these Matte ideas.
  • Breakdown of the elements needed to produce the matte painting.
  • Plan on how each of these elements will be created or sourced.
  • Plan for the camera movement in the scene.
  • Gather as many of these resources as possible.
  • This is essentially a 1 panel storyboard for a shot.

Tutorial- Recap on what was demonstrated in class last week:


Link to 3d Planes Archive:

Green Screening
Projection mapping maya or After Effects
Projection Mapping in After Effect

Tutorial: Projection Mapping in Maya:

Tutorial: Texture Baking in Maya:

3d Projection Mapping Maya Class Tut

The last phase.... Examples...

2d in a 3d world:

3d in real world:

2d in Real World:

LUTs and Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme Gree Screen Stuff:

LUTs presets available here:

Download LUTs