Animation Production Skills 1

Brief 1- The Crate

Brief 1: Anatomy of a Game Asset.

Brief1 (10%








Brief 2

Brief 2: Hard Edged Modelling available here

Brief2 (40%)








Brief3 - Character Modelling

Brief 3- Character Design is available here.

Brief3 (50%)








Week1- Introduction to Course

Setting Up a Blog on Blackboard

Tutorial to follow.

Tutorial: Making the Crate

Tutorial: Lighting and Rendering the Crate

Week 1 Exercise:

  • Create a crate Model with your own textures on it.
  • Light and render it in Maya using the standard Hardware2.0 renderer
  • Save a Jpeg of the final Image at 1280×720 resolution.
  • Post the image to you blog on Blackboard


Resource: Concept Template:

Concept Template

Example Gallery:



Research: Concept Art Car

Research: Cartoon Houses

Research: Cartoon Robots

Research: 3d Model Sheets:

Tip: Golden Rules of Polygonal Modelling:

poly-modelling – PDF

Tutorial: An Introduction to the core concepts of polygonal modelling.

  • Try to model a simple object starting with a box.
  • Test crease and smooth edges.
  • Use an existing object or a drawn shape for reference.

Resource: Reference Image:

Tutorial: Making the Robot head:

At the end of this video you will be here:

Robot Folder Link

Week 4- Leg of robot and unwrap.

Download this for unwrapping tutorial:


Download Here

Tutorial : Modelling, unwrapping and texturing the leg.


Week5- Texturing Overview- The crate,s 3 textures PS and Maya.

Tutorial:  Texturing Overview- The crate,s 3 textures PS and Maya.

Week6- Halloween Tutorials....

These tutorials should help with your work over the halloween break.

Tutorial: Unwrapping the robot head and making a simple texture.

Tutorial: Making Hinges and Ball joints.

Tutorial: Parenting and Posing

Tutorial: Making a rotation video in Maya


Modelling Gary Complete

Tutorial: Modelling Gary’s cucumber head with nose and ears:

Tutorial: Modelling Gary’s Metal AF T-Shirt:

Tutorial: Modelling Gary’s Skinny Jeans:

Tutorial: Modelling Gary’s rad pumps:

Tutorial: Modelling Gary’s Guitar picking hands and arms:





Unwrapping and Texturing Gary

Tutorial: Unwrapping and diffuse texturing Gary’s cucumber head:

Unwrapping and Texturing Gary’s Metal AF T-Shirt


Gary Animation tests n Blend Shapes

Facial Animation Rig Test


Simpler Chibi Character???

Simple Chibi Character.

Simple bodt attachment for Chibi

Keep You Hair on Gary

Tutorial: Simple cartoon hair.


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