Found these after quite a while

I came across a few videos of game developments I worked on in the past when I was a founding member and director at Instinct Technologies Ltd. The first showing in this series is 2001- 16 years ago!!! Holy shit! Time is a bitch!

The discovery years- 2001-2003

First 64bit game ever: Dreadnought:

Anyone know fort Dunree??? The Prospector realtime game video:


Iterations- AR, VR, 3d Printed Sculpture, concept, animation and paint!

Video, Sculptural and video installation were part of an exhibition I took part in recently. It also consisted of an augmented reality sculpture triggered by the marker image below. You can see Lemmy here looking puzzled at the whole affair but I assure you he was very impressed! The interactions video can also be seen here. It shows the various stages in the creation of the model from concept right through to it’s implementation in VR, AR and 3d print.

LYIT Open Day

This project was created as a showpiece for the LYIT open day 2016. It is a VR video of the guys below in the main animation room 3336 at the LYIT campus. It took around 6 days from initial modelling to completion. As you can see there are glitches and hacks here and there and I would really just consider this a first draft. It will be worked on in the future I hope and developed into something maybe worth using in the future.


And here is the video: You will be better watching this with google cardboard turned on but if not just scroll around the image as you view.